Direct mail continues to be the best way to get your message/offer directly in the hands of your target market.  It has proven its effectiveness as a consistent and predictable marketing tool which can dramatically increase results when modern best practices are expertly applied.

Benefits of Direct Mail Marketing

Best Practices in Direct Mail Marketing

   Less Competition in the Mailbox. With more and more individuals getting their bills via the internet, the average consumer receives just 25 to 40 pieces of postal mail in a week versus 250 emails.  Because the mail box is no longer filled with bills, it makes your mail stand out even more and, with effective use of messaging and personalization, increases the likelihood that a relevant ad will get noticed.

 •  Mailers Get Delivered.  Today’s spam filters are increasingly sophisticated making it more difficult than ever for marketing emails (even solicited emails) to actually make it to your inbox.  A recent survey by ExactTarget (global leader in software-on-demand technology) showed that direct mail was the only marketing method where consumers didn’t view an unsolicited message as inappropriate.

 •  Mailers are Targeted, Tangible and Trustworthy.  Direct mail is the only marketing method that allows you to physically place your message directly into the hands of your target audience.  It engages their sense of touch and begins to develop familiarity and credibility with your brand, the building blocks of trust, which increases message relevance and helps yield a better return on investment.

   Power of Personalization.  Intended to enhance the recipient’s inclination to read your mailer, personalization can range from simply addressing a piece to a specific consumer (instead of Dear Friend or Current Resident) to incorporating their name or identifiable interests into the artwork and design of the mailer.

   Relevance. Similar to personalization, relevance customizes which product, service or specials each recipient is offered based on information in your database, such as prior purchases or identifiable needs, resulting in a quicker call-to-action and a better Return on Investment (ROI).

   Subconscious Suggestion. A strategic effort to subconsciously suggest through personalized colors, designs and images that your product/service will have a positive effect on the recipient’s life and well-being.

   Variable Data Printing. New technology now allows us to vary the copy and artwork for each and every person on a mailing list.  Using variable graphics (i.e., recipient’s name written on a license plate, in the clouds, or in sand on the beach), variable offers (based on interests or last purchase), variable testimonials (based on location or social status), and variable images (based on gender, presence of children, or other consumer data) allow us to make each mailer customized to each client.

The value of a well-constructed and properly executed direct mail strategy is as powerful today as ever.  The pros at DMS will help you create the right message and build a campaign that creatively places the right information in front of the right prospect at the right time.  That’s the DMS Difference.

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