The mailing list is the backbone of every direct marketing campaign; it can make or break a campaign.  Our seasoned data pros work directly with multiple list compilers so our data is fresh, updated, and never resold.  At Direct Mail Systems (DMS), we’ll guide you through every step of the list selection process.  Whether consumer, business, or specialty files, DMS can provide critical list options you need to make your next campaign a major success.



Specialty Files

At DMS, we can select the right B2C list based on:

Hobbies (i.e., golfers, pet owners, hunters, boat owners, RV owners, etc.)

Ethnicity (multiple selections available)

Home value/ownership (i.e., range of home values, length of residence)

Life changes (i.e., new marriages, births, homeowners, movers, divorce, bankruptcy, etc.)

Household demographics (i.e., age, income, children, home value, estimated net worth, discretionary spending, etc.)

At DMS, we can select the right
B2B list based on

 • Territory or market (nationwide, statewide, countywide, metropolitan area, zip code, radius from given point)

 • Type of business

 • Demographics (sales volume, number of employees, number of locations, square footage)

 • Yearly expenses (advertising, technology, telecom, accounting, insurance, legal, utilities, office rental costs, etc.)

When your mailing list requirements are more specific than what a consumer or business file can provide, a specialty list may be what you’re looking for.


With access to hundreds of thousands of specialty files, from corporate directors to firearms and fishing license holders, the data gurus at DMS know where to look and what questions to ask. That’s the DMS Difference.




Whether you utilize our creative team or to complement your internal staff, we’ll help bring your vision to life.  From concept to completion, we’ll actively listen and engage to uncover new ideas or polish existing ones.  Whether you're interested in a new logo, business cards, ads, brochures, flyers, signs, banners, or direct mail, our skilled copywriters and designers are here to work with you to write and design your next successful direct marketing campaign.


At DMS, we pride ourselves in our ability to work closely with our clients and help envision the perfect idea, craft a compelling message, design a captivating layout, and command the elements that bring ideas to life.  That’s the DMS Difference.



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